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Transcription #4: Mt. Comfort Cemetery Investigation

Added by Patrick Lane
January 9, 2002

[This investigation was recorded as part of the ghost-hunting project described in the article "Who Is the Third Who Walks Always Beside You?" in the Features section of this site. The people involved are as follows:

  • PPL: Patrick Lane
  • KFL: Kim Lane
  • NDR: Nathan Ragain
  • MSR: Melissa Ragain

The text below is primarily derived from a minidisc recording made by Patrick, using a microphone clipped onto his shirt. Some bits of dialogue not picked up by the minidisc come from the tape recording made simultaneously. The tape recorder was carried at different times by Nathan and Missy. All editorial notes and sound descriptions have been added by Patrick.]


[Considerable microphone noise.]

MSR: Where's the cenotaph? Oh, it's right here.

[More microphone noise.]

PPL: All right. It's, uh… [Loud microphone noise.] One, two, three… It's… too dark to read my watch… And it's…

KFL: Five forty-five.

PPL: Five forty-five, Sunday, same as all the other recordings. Um, Mount Comfort Cemetery. [Sound clip]

MSR: Do you know who… [???] …had the house… [???] which one?

KFL: Oh, no, I don't remember the…

MSR: It's not behind this.

KFL: Um…

MSR: Do you think it's March 1926, that one? Milford Todd?

[Microphone noise.]

PPL: Once again I'm attaching the microphone.

[KFL and MSR are talking, but it is obscured by some microphone noise. Camera beeps and shutter clicks.]

MSR: It's probably [???] …this one. Josiah… [???] So it's Josiah.

KFL: Okay, Josiah's siblings. See all those kids' names? [Sneezes.] Um, born 1733.

[Sound of camera beeping, shutter clicking, and then film automatically rewinding.]

PPL: Wow. I didn't think I was out of film yet. [Pause.] Lot of stars. [Pause.] This is actually a much better cemetery for this sort of thing. There's no leaves. It's very large. This is probably the sort of place we should, should come to for these. [Pause.] And it's also a lot creepier. With a flashlight.

MSR: 'Cause it's so big?

KFL: I'm not sure if the older ones are…[???]

MSR: What, this?

PPL: This is a big ol' tree. [Pause.] Do you hear that?

MSR: Hear what?

PPL: Ummm… nothin'. [Sound Clip]

MSR: Okay, this is about the time when we all start scaring each other.

PPL: Uh, boo!

KFL: This is a pretty old one, maybe. Eighteen fifty…?

MSR: One? 1809 to 1851. I don't know… 15 years.

PPL: Fifteen years? What are those? Are those heads?

KFL: She's not fifteen, she's…

MSR: Says fifteen.

PPL: Oh, it's a tree.

KFL: Hmm.

MSR: Yeah, it's a tree. Yeah, it says "Aged 15 years."

KFL: How could that be?

MSR: She was born in 1809 and died 1854.

KFL: That can't be right. Maybe it's seventy-five years or something….

NDR: What's it say?

PPL: Well, that wouldn't…

MSR: Yeah, it's more like seventy-five.

NDR: Forty-five is what it says.

MSR: Yeah, forty-five years.

PPL: That, that would, uh… [Laughs.] And who's taking the GRE here?

KFL: … "Mother"… Okay, maybe these are the two people who had their thing replaced. Nah, it's too old.

MSR: It, it's this…

PPL: Nah, it's been broken.

MSR: It has to be that cenotaph thing.

KFL: It says, "Oh Mother Dear, a short"…far? What's that say?

MSR: A short farewell…

KFL: Farewell.

MSR: … that we may meet again above, and rove where angels love to dwell, where trees of life bear fruits of hope.

NDR: Hmm.

KFL: That's the mother. Who is this next to her?

MSR: I don't know. James…

KFL: Oh, that's her father… husband.

MSR: Wife of James, yeah.

PPL: That has a lamb on top of it.

MSR: Yeah, those are children.

PPL: This one's been freshly visited. But I can't see his name… Hampton.

MSR: Ah.

PPL: Dorothy's still alive.

MSR: Uh-huh.

PPL: Hey, is that not creepy? [Sound Clip]

MSR: What?

KFL: What?

MSR: That moon?

PPL: See the glowing light?

MSR: Where?

PPL: Maybe it's… I think it's the, uh, headlights shining-

MSR: Ah, I see

PPL: -- glin-- glimmering off of a tombstone.

MSR: That's right, the… oh, it's a cobweb.

PPL: Oh, is it? It looks far away, though.

MSR: That's 'cause it's a skinny little cobweb. I think it might be coming off the tree. I can see what you're talking about.

PPL: Here, take the flashlight, don't… it disappeared when the flashlight went on.

MSR: No, it's still there. I can see what light you're talking about--

PPL: Like a sort of orangey…

MSR: Yeah.

PPL: Way out over there? You think that's…

MSR: Well, but it might be one of these road signs obscured by a tree. They're reflective. Now I can't see it.

PPL: You can see it real good right here. It moves. It's a, uh…

MSR: It's a cobweb.

PPL: Yeah, but it's not in a line. I think it's the top of a tombstone, glistening.

MSR: It's possible. It's real shiny.

PPL: But it looks really… creepy, right here.

[MSR laughs.]

PPL: Do you see it?

NDR: Um-hmm.

MSR: Yeah, I saw it too.

PPL: Well here, let's walk over there.

MSR: Funny how you can't stay in the Library, but a cemetery at night is fine. [Sound Clip]

KFL: [???] …should turn the headlights off in case someone…[???]

PPL: Well, anyone who would come up here and find us, they'd shoot us first, so…

MSR: Yeah.

NDR: I think it's the top of this one that's…

PPL: Well, I'm getting good and spooked, so I say we investigate this and…

MSR: And go!

[Indecipherable muttering between PPL and MSR for a couple of seconds, probably accompanying pointing and gesturing.]

NDR: It was this.

MSR: Oh, yeah, 'cause it's slightly tilted.

PPL: Oh, it's over there.

KFL: Straight ahead, what is that? Is that new or old?

NDR: Well, it's the same sort of thing.

KFL: Is that a tree trunk, what is that?

MSR: No, it's just marble.

KFL: Oh.

PPL: I think that is cobwebs, maybe. No, it's not.

MSR: It's…

PPL: It's something very shiny.

NDR: No, it's this. As I was walking towards this it happened on this one as well.

MSR: Oh, yeah, it's just the, it's the, the polished tops.

PPL: Yeah, they're catching the, uh… maybe it's the moonlight. That would be doubly creepier. You could be out here with the, uh…

KFL: Jesse [???]

PPL: … lights off.

KFL: Died 1863, aged thirty-five years.

MSR: Thirty-five.

KFL: Infant son, 1877.

PPL: Smothers!

MSR: Hmm. That one's interesting.

KFL: Do you hear that low hum?

PPL: It's a truck.

MSR: It's like a car or something. [???] diamond there [???].

PPL: I was fiddling with my button there, if there's any funny, fabricky sounds. All right, well.

MSR: Bye, everybody!

PPL: Farewell Mount Comfort. We'll have to come back here.

KFL: I wonder if they're comfortable here? Mount Comfort.

NDR: Well, I cert-

[Recording ends.]




©2001-2002 Patrick Lane