March 27, 2010

Rat-Powered Hurdy-Gurdy

One of my ambitions (whenever I find myself with about $3,000 to burn) is to own and learn to play a hurdy gurdy (to add to my collection of instruments that make many listeners flinch). As such, I often find myself browsing You Tube for clips of people doing unconventional things with this medieval instrument. One of my favorites (and one of the first hurdy-gurdy clips I found on You Tube several years ago) is this fantastic performance by Matthias Loibner:

But today I stumbled across a clip of hurdy-gurdy innovation that, while not musically terribly practical, is absolutely brilliant. The rat-powered hurdy-gurdy:

I haven’t heard of the group Rosa Crux before, but judging by some of their other clips, they seem to be half experimental, half performance art, all with a metal sheen. Intriguing.

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